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The Vintagent, originally started in 2006 by MAF Co-Founder Paul d’Orléans, is the cultural and multimedia arm of the Motorcycle Arts Foundation. Originally focusing on all things vintage motorcycles, The Vintagent has since expanded it’s breadth to cover the world of motorcycles from all eras, through the lens of film, photography and writing. A total revamp of the website began in 2016 to seamlessly incorporate film and a new, reader-friendly layout.

Within the story of motorcycling lies the story of the world. Look closely, it’s all there: heroic deeds, political intrigue, artistic brilliance, cut-throat business practices, international tensions, sex, life and death. Motorcycles are beautiful, but only metal… so we follow the people who build, ride, and make art around them, constantly finding unexpected riches that we share with the world.

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